UAS (Underwater Anti-intruder System)


The UAS system is a state-of-the-art underwater intruder detection sonar specially designed by LSI, in collaboration with TEC (supplier that provides the TX/RX arrays and “Launch and recovery” sub-systems) to protect ships at anchor, off-shore platforms and oil terminals from terrorist attacks by divers or other possible underwater threats.

A single console can handle several antennas showing the tracks automatically classified as dangerous targets. This architecture allows the surveillance of a wider area without additional burden for the operator at the console.

All the HW and SW for signal acquisition and processing was designed and developed by LSI.

The UAS system will be composed, in its basic version, of the following units:

  • UAS Antenna
  • TX/RX antenna
  • Launch and recovery system (SMMR) Ethernet routers (encrypted Wi-Fi or wired) Command and control console
  • Wiring


  • System tailoring (antennas number and position, alert logic, console presentations, etc.)
  • Frequency range: from 60 to 80 kHz
  • Maximum operating depth: up to 100 m
  • System coverage 360°
  • Automatic contact tracking, classification and alert
  • Detection / Tracking range for a bottom depth up to 35m:

Closed-circuit diver: 320/300m
Open circuit diver: 550/530 m

Grow capability

The UAS can supply the automatic reaction system to counteract the threat if requested. The reaction system could be tailored basing on customer requirements to keep the intruder outside antenna area.

Dimensions and Weight

Antenna max diameter: 275 mm
Height: 1150 mm
Weight: 55 kg + 30 kg ballast

Power supply

Voltage TX: 48Vdc 30W max
Voltage RX: 12Vdc 35W max


Each UAS system comes with appropriate accessory launching systems or mechanical installation structures. The accessories are developed by LSI downstream of dedicated surveys on the installation units/areas.

UAS – Protection of ships at anchor and off-shore platforms


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UAS (Underwater Anti-intruder System)

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