UAS (Underwater Anti-intruder System)

UAS (Underwater Anti-intruder System) CUSTOMIZED PRODUCTS The UAS system is a state-of-the-art underwater intruder detection sonar specially designed by LSI, in collaboration with TEC (supplier that provides the TX/RX arrays and “Launch and recovery” sub-systems) to protect ships at anchor, off-shore platforms and oil terminals from terrorist attacks by divers or other possible underwater threats. […]

Training System for xxx

Training System for xxx CUSTOMIZED PRODUCTS Training System for xxx is a system designed and developed by LSI for xxx sonar operator training. The system is composed by: xxx Sonar System (without transducers and amplifier) Scenario simulator with instructor’s Man Machine Interface   Scenario simulator includes: Sonar instructor’s Man Machine Interface to set the simulation […]

xxx Sonar system

xxx Sonar system CUSTOMIZED PRODUCTS The xxx is an Active and Passive sonar system designed and developed by LSI for a customer’s submarine.It can operate in Passive Mode, Active Mode or simultaneously in both modes (Dual Mode). Main features: Broadband automatic detection and tracking, in Passive and Dual Mode Narrow band, DEMON and Intercept in […]