Level Measurement Systems

Level Measurement Systems Process Leonardo Sistemi Integrati has a partnership with FAFNIR GmbH of Hamburg. We distribute the FAFNIR TG robust systems specially built for the Process Industry. Precision, accuracy, flexibility and long life characterise our level, overfill and density probes range. Catalogue and data are available on request. Industry Oil & Gas Oil & […]

Laser Level Control

Laser Lever control – LLC Oil & Gas CATALOGUE PRODUCTS LLC is a very economical Laser Control System. It can work on long distances giving the volume/level data inside the tank. Easy to be installed by simple screwing on the lid of the tank (into a 1”1/2 threated hole). LLC gives: Fuel level inside the […]

Anti Theft System

Anti Theft System – ATS 01 Oil & Gas CATALOGUE PRODUCTS Active Radio-controlled Sealing The ATS-01 is a robust electronic system for the remote sensing of sealing opening and is designed to work on fixed sealing. The system is based on a central unit connected to a patented sealing system with up to 15 RFID […]

Dynamic Level Control

Dynamic Level Control – DLC 01 Oil & Gas CATALOGUE PRODUCTS The Systems performs a continuous and highly accurate reading of the parameters: Volume/level inside the cisterns of the fuel trucks. Density of the products. Seals alarm (in association with ATS System: see below). Jamming alarms. For each level sensor, DLC supplies a georeferenced real […]

Fuel Level Display

Fuel Level Display – FLD-01 Oil & Gas CATALOGUE PRODUCTS The device performs a continuous and highly accurate reading of the volume/level of liquid inside the cisterns and provides the results on an alphanumeric LCD display. The product volume is computed against “tank tables” (level-to-volume). Its integrated water detection and measurement function makes an additional […]